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Graphic design and desktop publishing studio
Publishing Retail Corporate

alphatek Graphic design and desktop publishing studio Print and digital

Our graphic design and computer graphics experts ensure your projects are always top notch.

We’ve got one obsession: getting things right. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and always give it our 100% no matter what kind of project we’re working on. Maybe that’s why 99% of our clients keep coming back for more. Are we proud of that? You bet! Check out our portfolio—you’ll love it!

Here’s a few figures we think you’ll find interesting!


Volume of repeat business. Does that speak volumes about our service? We think so.


We’ve been around for 28 years, and we still love doing what we do.


The number of talented people at your service, all dedicated to your success.

To tell the truth, we’ve stopped counting the number of projects we’ve delivered. Let’s just say that we live and breathe graphic design and desktop publishing!

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27, Marie-de-l'Incarnation St.
Quebec City (Quebec), Canada
G1N 3E5
46.81207 -71.24968
T: 418 683-1285 F: 418 683-5108 @: contact@alphatek.qc.ca

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